Service Project Dedicated to Eric – Fort Armistead Park – 2014

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On Saturday, September 6th, 2014, a group of future Marines helped clean up Fort Armistead Park in Baltimore.  The service project was organized by Marine Staff Sergeant Joshua Gardner, a recruiter based in Glen Burnie, Maryland.  Joshua wanted his future Marines to know about Eric and they dedicated the service project in his honor.  Staff Sergeant Gardner invited Eric’s dad to attend and say a few words which he did.  Eric’ step-sister Melissa also spent the day at the park helping clean up.

It was a great way to honor Eric and remember his service – doing something he would have enjoyed himself.  Eric signed his papers of intent to be come a Marine at the Glen Burnie office and that was his home station before enlisting.


Madi haugh

May 18th, 2016

Im here today learning about Eric w. herzberg in mr. wahlbergs class i wanna thank him for his service. He has done many amazing things for his country.

Dalanie Suzor

May 18th, 2016

In Mr. Wahlberg’s class I along with many other students have been learning about your family and Eric. I want to say how much I appreciate his service and the heart he put into it. I have heard many great things of him from Mr. Wahlberg. It’s amazing the courage he had to serve for his country. So I am writing this to thank him and his family.

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