Mona Shores School Visit – 2015

Mona Shores students presenting wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Mona Shores students presenting wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - student to right is Eric Wahlberg's son Jacob
Mona Shores students around Eric's gravesite
Mona Shores students around Eric's gravesite
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On June 13, 2015, on a hot, muggy afternoon in Washington DC, over 125 students and chaparones from Mona Shores Middle School in Michigan met at Arlington Cemetery. This was the eighth consecutive year that Eric Wahlberg and the Mona Shores staff conducted the visit.

Similar to their meetings the last eight years, Eric Wahlberg, a teacher at Mona Shores, arranged for the get together. Everyone gathered under the big tree in the shade to meet each other and listen to Eric’s dad speak about Eric to the students before moving on to visit Eric’s grave site. Like previous years, Eric’s dad shared about Eric growing up and how he became such a selfless young man. He also shared about his work with the Michael Reagan portrait foundation ( The kids surprised Eric’s dad by presenting a check from funds they had raised for the portrait foundation. It was humbling for him to be the recipient of such selfless generosity. As was the case the previous years, the afternoon was a very profound and emotional experience.

Most of the time was spent talking about Eric, the type of person he was and kind of impact he was having even though his time with us is over. The letters the Mona Shore students had written to Eric were very touching and heartwarming. Several students read their letters out loud. They were beautifully written.

Included below is a very small sample of the students letters as well as some of the pictures.

To the Mona Shores students, chaparones and to Eric Wahlberg, on behalf of our son Eric and his family, we want to say thank you for honoring him in this way. You have given us a precious gift by learning about Eric and his life. You are a blessing to us and we are proud to call you our friends.

Student Letters to Eric

Mona Shores student Alexis Gerstenfeld
Mona Shores student Emmalee-Dykstra
Mona Shores student Lily-Ferkany
Mona Shores student Isabella-Baker
Mona Shores student Jessica-McCarl
Mona Shores student Madeline-Eckerman
Mona Shores student Madelyn-Gleason
Mona Shores student Makyla-Lieb
Mona Shores student Tiffinie-Miles

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Austin Hruskach

May 18th, 2016

My name is Austin Hruskach. I’m an 8th grade student at Mona Shores Middle School. I am part of the 2016 8th grade team. Our teacher, Eric Wahlberg has done a great job telling ALL of his students about Eric Herzberg. He has dedicated 3 school days to Eric. Our current assignment is to browse this website. Wahlberg has never forgotten over the years to talk to his students about Eric. He has done a great job.

Annabell Ogle

May 18th, 2016

He served us well, he served us vast

Tim Schneider

May 18th, 2016

Dear Herzberg’s,
Mr. Wahlberg has been teaching us about your family this week. We have been told about the brave things Eric W. Herzberg. I have so much gratitude and compassion for what your son has done for our country. Serving our nation is one of the bravest things that someone can do. Browsing your website it is very clear to see how great his character was and how much he was loved. I really want to say thank you for your services and sacrifices your family has made. You have my deepest condolences and respect.

Tim S.

Your Name

May 19th, 2016

im very sorry for your loss. we learned about your son in school

Ava Crago

May 31st, 2016

Dear Herzberg’s,

My name is Ava Crago. I’m apart of the class of 2020. This year, I will be taking apart of the trip to Washington D.C and am very excited for the trip. In our science class, we learned a lot about your son and his heroic actions in Iraq. I am sincerely sorry for your loss and can’t even imagine the troubles and emotions that you had to go through at the loss of him. I assure you that his memory will not be forgotten by the students of Mona Shores Middle School as long as we live.

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