Memorial Tributes

Eric's friends remembering him at their beach house
Memorial magnet to remember Eric
Memorial at Fort Smallwood Park in Maryland
Eric's dad holding Eric's dogtags at memorial service at Camp LeJeune
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We think today of Eric – a beautiful child, son, friend, a hero who walked, played and fought for us. We remember with tears the early moments of loss. We long for quiet hearts and the peace that silence brings.
We stare off into nowhere, our minds filled with a collage of images of the two decades of the life that we consistently recall.
We will not forget, We have promised ourselves this tribute, this lasting expression of our beloved. Our thoughts, dedication and compassion breathe life into the person we grieve.
It is what we share here, on this earth today that enables us to journey on, knowing with certainty that we will meet again on the other side.
Reverend Liz Wold
October 21, 2010


Faith carman

October 29th, 2010

Eric and Wendi
The new site is beautiful. It made me cry. I think of Eric often at this time of year, more than usual but then in truth I think of him all the time. We love Eric and will always honor him. I found it difficult to put into words until I saw the movie Taking Chance. Even though he never met him, Chance’s escort was moved and changed forever. I once told you, that Eric has moved me so much and I had never even met him!

Everything that you and Wendi do honors Eric. He got his kind, loving, courageous, forgiving, and compassionate spirit from you. I know he is at rest and is pleased with what you do for all those that sacrificed so much. From the marathon to helping Michael Regan with his portraits. May God continue to comfort you as Eric looks on

erick flores

May 30th, 2011

Eric always thought of others before himself, every time I would leave my laundry in the dryer machine he would not only take it out for me but fold it and safe keep it in his room so no one would take my green shirts. Love u and miss u bro. Erick Flores/CPL/USMC

Gavin Chuley

May 18th, 2016

Right now i am in mr Wahlbergs class and we are learning about chance phelps. Like Chance, your son sacrificed himself to protect our country. i am so grateful that such a kindhearted person like him took part in the war to protect us all. his name will live on forever.


May 18th, 2016

Rest in Peace eric

MyahAnn McDonnell

May 18th, 2016

Dear Herzberg Family,

I’ve been spending the past few days learning about Eric and how wonderful he was.My teacher Eric Wahlberg has made a dedication that he would make sure that all of his students would know about your son, and that he has done. We watched a movie by the name of “Taking Chance” this movie opened my eyes on what the KIA’s go through to get back in their home state. This movie showed me that freedom does NOT come cheap, the things that all of these people have to go through to keep our freedom. I wanted to make this comment/letter to show my importance of your son. Have a good memorial day and I will keep your family in mind.

– From, MyahAnn McDonnell

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