The Eric Herzberg/Travis Manion Service Scholarship

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The initial Eric W. Herzberg/Travis Manion Service Scholarships were awarded in the spring of 2013 to deserving students who have demonstrated leadership and a heart for serving others.  Another three scholarships were awarded in 2014.  Each scholarship was worth $3,000.  This scholarship was awarded in remembrance of Marine Lance Corporal Eric W. Herzberg, a Severna Park High School graduate who gave his life in service to the United States on October 21, 2006 in Al Anbar province in Iraq.  Although the Eric Herzberg/Travis Manion Service Scholarship is no longer awarded, you can keep up with the previous scholarship winners through their individual pages located here.


1) Applicant must be a United States citizen.
2) Applicant must currently be a high school student in Maryland.
3) Applicant must have participated in a service project established by Eric’s father during the last calendar year.  Projects are publicized through presentations at Severna Park High school.


What was the extent of the Eric W. Herzberg/Travis Manion Service Scholarship? What expenses did it cover?

The Eric W. Herzberg/Travis Manion Service Scholarship was a “last dollar” award, which did not replace or reduce other federal, state, institutional, or private grants for which the student qualified. This scholarship helped to meet remaining unmet needs and reduced or eliminated the need for students to assume loan debt.

Did students need to be enrolled in college programs of study leading to four-year college degrees?

No! The Eric W. Herzberg/Travis Manion Service Scholarship was used to defray expenses for students attending public community colleges, public or private four-year or other technical learning institutions.